Monday, November 20, 2017

Week 67: Just a lil update!

Hey Everyone!

Just your pal Elder Hale with a little update on thngs down here in the M.P.L.N.!
-its getting warmer and the farmers tan is getting stronger
-I eat more and more but get skinnier and skinnier...I hope there are no worms in my tummy #peruproblems
-my comp and I are getting along great, it was nice to get a new one!
-the area is getting a lot better!! We are setting baptismal dates for December!
-we have interviews and zone conf coming up so we are stressed and busy preparing trainings n stuff
- I'm LOVING the mission still, haha

Also, we had Christians baptism on Saturday and man he is a champ! He is a member's boyfriend and he's only been to church like 5 times but it seems like he's been attending for years and he knows more of the ward than my companion, hahah. He is the boss of a food administration business and he is going to college so he's a busy guy but he is super dedicated to the church! The bishopric is already thinking of calling him as the young single adults counselor. He was super ready to listen to the gospel and the Lord definitely prepared his heart! 

Well...have a good week and read the Book of Mormon everyday!!!
-Elder Hale

just grubbin
My comp sleeps with his eyes open!!!! I mean what???!!!
Christian's baptism

Monday, November 13, 2017

Week 66: New Companion

*Jarett didn't send a group letter today, so here is an excerpt from my letter:

We had a good p-day. We ate Chinese and it was delishhhhhhh. I ate pollo w/pineapple, won tons, and coke with lime!! I found root beer today too while shopping #YEEEET. I saw a cool remote control car too...I was thinkin of buying it but wasn't sure its its against the rules, hahaha. My new comp is a good fella! He's from Arequipa Peru! He's dying (meaning he only has 2 months left). He's a lot more obedient than my old comp. We get along better too!

Elder Hale

Me and Will Clark's cousin are in the same zone!
Little rascals!

Monday, October 30, 2017

Week 65: Howdy!

Well, well, well!!! 

Another p-day and another crazy week! haha life is never boring over here in the M.P.L.N.! 

We have been busssyyy. We had zone conference this week so my comp and I had to clean the whole church and prepare trainings and stuff, but we had a great conference!! Pres exploded our minds with full doctrine about the plan of salvation and then he talked about how we can help our investigators understand and get converted with inspired questions. 

On Saturday Luis was baptized!! Woohoo! it was a interesting experience cuz the church was out of water on Saturday so we couldn't fill up the font!! We had to rig up hoses and fill it up from far away haha, BUTTTTT...the missionaries that were in charge of turning it off, wern't paying attention and it OVERFLOWED!!! hahah. There was a lot of mopping...but it all turned out good.

Have a good week folks. 

A pigeon sniped me from the telephone wires....DURING A CONTACT!
Hahah but hey you cant win em all right?
Just another pizza pic!
This bad boy tried to sneak up on me when I was opening the church...he was huuugeeee!

Monday, October 23, 2017

Week 64: Tough Week (Kinda)

Hey Everyone!

Sorry for not writing in a week or 2 or 3! Life is good and busy!! This week was good and bad! We have been doing work visits with our zone all week to help them with their investigators with baptismal dates. It has helped a lot and our zone is getting better!!! BUTTTT...since we've been working so hard with the zone we have lacked organization and planning in our own area and we had a slower week. :/ We only had 1 investigator come to church....BUTTT he will be getting baptized on Saturday!! His name is Luis! He is an awesome guy, his wife died a few years ago and he started drinking, but we found him and taught him the gospel and it has filled the hole in his heart!!! He hasn't missed a Sunday since we found him and is super ready for Saturday. :)

Yesterday, all of Peru has a census!! Everybody in the country had to stay in their house from 8 am to 5 pm! Church meetings were canceled and we stayed inside. My comp and I took advantage and did some hard core planning and organization so we can hit this week strong!! Also, I got to read the scriptures with I sadly don't have as much time for anymore....and wow let me tell ya, I LOVE the Book of Mormon! That book is FULL of truth and light! It literally is like a big ole bag of problem fixers! These past 3 weeks I haven't had much time to study cuz we've had lots of meetings and interchanges so my study time has plummeted and my spirituality too! But yesterday when I read the BoM I realized how much I've missed it and how much I love it! It brings the spirit into our lives!

Well...I'm out of time but I love you all and may the force be with you!

-Elder Hale

We had a pet for a day! Made me miss being a puppy deliverer, hahahaha.
Exchanges with Elder Anderton—we tried some coco water.

Monday, October 16, 2017

Week 63: Busy, Busy

(This is just an excerpt from my letter, because he didn't write a group email and just sent pictures.)

I talked again in sac meeting yesterday. They called me on Friday to prepare a 10 min talk for Sunday—haha, these rascals. But it went good! I talked about elder Sabin's talk of being "all in". and challenged the ward to think about what they need to do so that they can be "all in". 

Being a ZL is fun and cool but it comes with stress too! haha. Our zone had a badddd weeek and I'm really feeling the pressure of it. In our mission if your zone doesn't have success, then you get taken out of your position really quickly. My zone has a lot of new missionaries, so its tough to train them to do the right things, but we're working on it. My comp is a little disobedient, but he knows a lot and still works hard. We get along pretty good.

On Thursday everyone and their dog watched the Peru game to qualify for the World Cup, 
which made teaching very hard, but earlier in the day a member gave us funny Peru hats.

My comp contacting with his hat, hahahahaha!

Just being a goofball.

Monday, October 9, 2017

Week 62: Good Week

Hey everybody! 

This week was awesome. Sorry I don't have time to talk but here's a quick summary:

We had interviews on Tuesday. Meetings on Thursday. Work visit on Friday with Elder Christofferson's nephew that is in our mission, he is a cool guy, he's new in the mish. Saturday I got super sick and we had a baptism!! Donna got baptized but I couldn't even go cuz I was so sick, haha. I couldn't even open my eyes cuz they were all swollen and red, it was a doozy. So, I don't have pics. :( Sunday the bishop gave me a surprise call out to give a testimony/talk in sac meeting. 

-Elder Hale

Me and the comp.

With Cheetos stuffed in my mouth.

Monday, October 2, 2017

Week 60: Here Comes the Sun

Well, well , well—Howdy everyone!

Life keeps cruzin by and its going great! Its warming up finally, I'm feeling pretty happy about that. I've missed the sun.

We had a great week. The best part of the week was The Quiroz fam's baptism on Saturday!! Man they are just the best. I'll tell you a little about them:

They were a reference that we found like 2 months ago and they were Jehovas Witnesses for a few years (if you know about the JW's, then you understand how challenging it is to teach them), and to make it even harder, they are pretty rich and down here the rich people are notoriously a lot harder to teach. So basically, we had our work cut out for us but...NOTHING IS IMPOSSIBLE WHEN YOU HAVE THE SPIRIT ON YOUR SIDE! haha They said they would never get baptized but, 7 weeks later, they haven't missed an attendance and they are baptized!!! (All of them but Carlos, the dad...BUTTTT, he is applying for new jobs so that he can start coming to church and be baptized in October!!!)

This last week Satan has been working HARD against them. Jenny invited all of her friends and family to the baptism but EVERYONE told her she was crazy and that the Mormons are this and that and all kinds of stuff. She has seen basically it all when it comes to anti-Mormon material but THEY ARE STAYIN STRONG! When she gave her testimony in her baptism she started crying and said that her life has completely changed since we've met with them and that she's "ended the search that she didn't know she was on." I love their family, they are some of my favorite converts in my mission.

Well, everyone, this church is so true. Jesus Christ guides it from heaven today. There is NO other path to follow that leads to a happy life now or salvation in the eternity.

Love you folks, have a good one.

-Elder Hale

The district
Me with me pals from my first district 
(Elder Sanchez the AP and my best pal Elder Tirado).
The Quiroz Fam
Saturday's baptism