Monday, June 18, 2018

Week 97: One Month Left!

Hey my friends and fam!!

Man, life keeps on chuggin!! I'm super happy and just trying to enjoy the last few weeks. Sometimes Satan tries to convince me that I'm tired or that I need a break or that I'm justified to wind down a little bit, but the key has just been to kick those thoughts out right when they get in!! Also, I think that I am gonna miss my mission a ton and so I better not waste a moment of these last few weeks! Gotta soak it all up and leave it all out on the field.

This week's highlights....
  • Went to the hospital like 3 times for my kid's leg problems, he's hurtin a lot and might have to go home, :/ I really hope not. We are praying for him and hes been a trooper! 
  • I fell from a staircase and got scraped up, haha super clutzy.
  • I held a parrot and watched it drink oatmeal, haha.

Right now we have 3 progressing investigators that could be baptized in the first week of July. We are praying and working extra hard for them so that they can be saved!!! 

This week I read a lot of the Liahona with the October 2016 conference talks and WOW that was a KILLER conference! I FULLY recommend it, especially these talks:
  • Am I Good Enough? Will I Make It? - Cornish
  • Abide in my Love - Christofferson
  • To Whom Shall We Go? - Ballard
  • Joy and Spiritual Survival - Nelson

Also... here is one of my fav vids for all of you fathers out there! Happy late Father's Day!

— Elder Hale

P.S. Sorry for not sending pics this week, we got hardcore robbed so I don't have my camera anymore but don't worry cuz it was super old and almost broken anyways.

Tuesday, June 5, 2018

Week 95: Last Transfer

Hey Folks!!! I hope life is good for you guys and you're enjoying summer! It's super cold around these parts right now, I don't appreciate it too much but oh well.

This week had some highlights!! We had a leaders mtng with the Area President (Elder Godoy). It was awesome! He's gonna be one of the presidents of the 70 in a few weeks. The meeting was really spiritual and he talked about receiving revelation for our districts and zones. It was really neat. Also, we had zone conference this week and district meeting on Friday so it was a really busy week going here and there. We didn't have too much time in our area and our numbers this week showed it. :/ We didn't have ANY investigators in church ysterday. It was a heartbreaker. But gotta remember that WE CAN'T GET DISCOURAGED cuz thats EXACTLY what Satan wants to happen, so we gotta put it in gear this week and find solutions and work even harder! We're wroking right now with 2 investigators named Jair and Marvin that should get baptized this month....praying for miracles! 

Well, today we have transfers. I don't think they'll change me cuz this is my last transfer! Crazy stuff. Gotta stay strong till the end!

Love you all, have a great week.

Random selfie with elder BANKS.
(He's 6 foot 8, but looks 8 foot when around Peruvians.)
Elder Powell and I just being goons.
About to go contacting with a Chewbacca mask!
Random selfie with my kid as we were waiting for our investigator.

Monday, May 28, 2018

Week 94: Just Pics

Cool Peru hat I bought on p-day.

More pizza.

My poor kid isn't used to hiking up and down hills all day, he gets tired real quick.

Monday, May 21, 2018

Week 93: A Week in Pictures

This is a Jello birthday cake that the mission bought for me! 
It looked super cool! But it wasn't tasty at all, haha! 
But hey beggars can't be choosers, right?

More birthday cake

While cleaning the font for our baptism, we decided we 
needed an ice cream break and they were on sale! YEET!

Elder Powell baptized his phone, haha! 
(It fell in while cleaning the font.) #holyphone

Jimena's baptism!!! I was honestly super nervous that day because she has a deathly fear of water and she's been postponing her baptismal date for more than a month because of it. So, I was nervous that she wouldn't get in the water or that something would go wrong but she showed up, and even though the water was super cold and she was super scared, she cowboyed up and got in! It was honestly a miracle that everything went so smooth! 

The view over Comas (Lima Valley) from our area. 

Glamour shot

My ward! (You can see the huuuugeee cemetary at the end.)

My convert from 1.5 years ago came to our ward to visit me yesterday!! 
His name is Luis and he was an Escogido (chosen one). 
Man, I sure love that guy, he's super strong these days.

Monday, May 14, 2018

Week 92: The Lord's Hand

Hey everyone! 

Just a quick update! Things are going well and my kid and I are finally getting used to the new area and not getting lost. Haha! We've found a decent pool of investigators now too so we are happy! This week the highlights were...

We had a ward activity for Mother's Day that was on Friday! It was a big talent show and we had a few investigators that showed up and had a great time. 

Saturday I got to go to my old area to see my old investigators baptism! She's a champ because she has a crazy schedule at her university and work that basically leaves her with zero time, but she even dropped one of her classes to come to church on Sundays.

Yesterday, when everyone was out in the streets partying and drinking, we still had 2 investigators come to church so we feel really blessed about that. :) We were not expecting them to come but the Lord blessed us with a little surprise! I sure love miracles and tender mercies. I've seen that if I sit back and analyze my day, I can almost always see the Lord's hand working and helping us in at least something specific EVERY SINGLE DAY. :) 

I love being a missionary! Haha, have a great week y'all!

—Elder Hale

My investigator (from my old area) got baptized 
and I got to go support her! Great experience.

Monday, May 7, 2018

Week 91: Just Pics

No letter this week, but we did get more pictures. They are worth a thousand words, so I guess you could say Jarett is a prolific writer, haha! :)

Burning a shirt for Elder Ahuanaris year mark in the mish!
View from the top of our area! Looking over Lima.
A cool drawing that was on our wall when we got here.
A service we did this week in the hills! Built stairs so that
a less-active fam can get to their new house in the hills.
Our new area in Comas.

Monday, April 30, 2018

Week 90: New Transfer...New Kid!

Hey everyone!! Well, now we have less time on the internet so I'll keep it short.

I got transferred!!! I'm not a Zone Leader anymore. I got transferred to Comas and I'm opening up a new area and training!! I have a kid, woohoo! Haha, I am pretty stoked about it. He's from Brazil! He speaks basically no Spanish, so I'll be teaching him a lot. He's a convert as of a year and a half ago. He used to be a straight-up thug, haha. But he's got a powerful testimony and is very obedient and humble! I'm super grateful for that! My area is called Vista Alegre and it has a ton of hills!! Haha, President wants me to end the mission with hard thighs it looks like. We had some pretty cool miracles this week too! On Wednesday we contacted a random guy in the street, walked with him to his house, sat down with his family, and he came to church yesterday, read all of 1st Nephi and now wants to get married and baptized!!! WOOHOO! Haha, it'll be a trick to get them married but well see how it goes! Pray for Jorge!

I am now 20 years old! How crazy! Here in South America, they have a tradition of smashing eggs over your head on your birthday, so this morning when we were playing soccer, my pal Elder Ahaunari smashed one over my head when I wasn't lookin. :)

-Elder Hale

Birthday pic last night with my bday cupcakes!! Woohoo, I'm old now!

They smashed an egg over my head in the morning for my bday, haha!

Gangsta shot.

Pic with my comp and the other Elders in the ward.

My kid by the cemetery at the end of our area!