Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Week 3

Hey Everyone!

Another week in the CCM, it flew by I can´t believe its P-day again! Life is good here, learning a lot and having fun!

Some fun stuff has been happening this week the old missionaries that came 3 weeks before us left and new missionaries came! There was this super nice Latino Elder that is trying to learn English and he left this week and it was super sad, we were close haha. So now we are the ¨old¨ missionaries here and there are a lot of new Elders that are in the shock stage haha. It´s weird to think that I´m already halfway done with the MTC. This week I got humbled with my Spanish learning. We got assigned to a new ¨investigator¨ that was a lot less forgiving and it made me realize that I’m not as slick in Spanish as I thought I was. It showed me that I need to spend a little more time studying Spanish than reading the Book of Mormon. It´s still coming along good though and I can communicate more day by day!

My companion and district is still awesome and we get along great. Elder Varney has been sleepwalking a lot and it´s hilarious. He tries to have random conversations with us at like 3 AM and randomly does weird stuff it´s hilarious. Also, someone told Elder Varney and Elder Perkins that they are good at singing so now they sing all day that has been suupper annoying haha. And one night this week Elder Perkins and I were trying to figure out our tie swap and we got in a huge argument because he has way ugly ties and mine are fresh so we still are trying to come to conclusions. We finally had a meal that wasn't chicken and rice so I had to take a picture I´ll show you guys. A lot of this stuff probably sounds silly and boring but I promise it´s pretty funny for us haha. Due to some arguments between some Elders we play volleyball for physical activity now instead of soccer and I can throw down some wicked spikes.

I had some really cool opportunities and spiritual experiences this week. President Clayton of the Seventy came and talked to each us and he had a great message about the getting rid of the natural man. Sunday was another super spiritual day! The gift of The Holy Ghost is quite a cool thing. We have the oppertunity to have a personal companion with us all the time to testify of truth, prompt us, comfort us and that is such a great blessing and advantage in our lives as members of the Church. We watched Joseph Smith Prophet of the Restoration on Sunday too and that was great because I love the Restoration and learning more about it. I love the quote ¨Save Jesus Christ, no man has ever done more for the Salvation of the world than Joseph Smith¨ by I think John Taylor. It´s cool to me that The Lord took a pretty uneducated young man and made him a great instrument to bring Christ's Gospel back to the earth in its fullness and to translate the Book of Mormon. The Book of Mormon is amazing. Alma, Amulek and the Sons of Mosiah are like the best missionaries ever and I hope that I could be like Ammon in Chapter 26, also chapter 24 and 34 are great!

-Elder Hale

This was ugly tie day! Although it wasn't too hard for my comp to find an ugly tie, haha!

This is one of the only dinners that wasn't chicken and rice! Miracles are real!

So I used to think Inca Kola was overrated, but now we are all addicted, haha!

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