Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Week 4

Hey Everyone!

Week 4 in the Lima MTC and life is good here! Really busy and lots of learning! This week we had some cool stuff happen but our whole district got sick too haha. Wednesday, Thursday and Friday were pretty long because an Elder in our district gave us all colds and we were all pretty miserable. On Sundays for Sacrament meetings, 4 Elders or Hermanas get randomly called up to give a talk in Spanish and this week Elder Kunz got called up to speak and he kept calling the 4th article of the faith the 1st and kept saying a few weird things in Spanish that he thought were making sense it was pretty funny. AND remember last week when I said Elder Varney and Perkins think they are really good at singing?? Well they did a musical number in Sacrament meeting and it was pretty bad hahah. Another funny thing this week is while we were playing soccer the other day Elder Perkins got drilled in the stomach so hard with a the ball that he made a goal on accident and he had a ball shaped welt on his stomach!

Well a really cool thing we got to do this week was go proselyting! All of the older missionaries in the MTC took like an hour bus ride and got companioned up with some of the trainers from the Lima South Mission. It was really cool and a big eye opener. I was really nervous going into it because I don´t know that much Spanish especially when people talk really fast but once we got out there it wasn´t so bad. We went to an appointment that fell through and then visited a less active member that didn´t want to talk to us so that was pretty discouraging and humbling but after that we did street contacts and one man standing outside a store saw us walking and ran up and asked us if we were the Mormons and he said he really wanted to hear our message and we got an appointment with him for Monday, I wish I could´ve been there for the appointment. But anyways after that he asked me to do the next one by myself and it was super scary and I tried to stop someone and after I stopped him I got so scared and I forgot all my Spanish and didn´t say anything and it was way embarrassing. The next person was a family out on there front porch/dirt patch area. I went up to them and introduced ourselves and asked them a few questions and gave them a tiny lesson thing and it was pretty awesome! We gave them a couple pamphlets and a Book of Mormon and they seemed pretty interested. When we left I was so hyped and excited to get out in the field! It was a cool experience.

Sunday was also a really cool spiritual day along with last night. On Sunday we got to watch Mountain of the Lord which is an awesome movie about the Salt Lake Temple, it´s kind of old and cheesy a little bit but it was a great movie! The opportunity of having temples all over the world now is so cool and a great blessing. We also had some great lessons and watched a devotional of Elder Bednar about Christlike attributes and overcoming the natural man. As representatives of Christ and His Church it is really important to grow closer to Him daily and trying to do as He would do. Last night we watched a old devotional from Elder Ballard and it was great. I am running out of time but the mission is great and the Church is true!!

Elder Hale

This is me in my natural habitat.

This is me in my favorite tie, shoes, shirt, and pants. I wore all my favs because it was the day that we became the ¨Avansados¨ or older missionaries in the MTC. It was supposed to be a really good day but I was actually super sick and it was terrible hahah.

This was our district on our way to the Temple just a few hours ago!

Lima, Peru Temple

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