Monday, December 5, 2016

Week 18: Last Week of Training

Hey everyone!

This week has been good! It's so hot and humid down here too. And no buildings have A/C so that is a bummmerrr. There is just no way to escape the heat. Haha, but life is good! This week was the last week of training! I should be getting a new companion tomorrow and I'm pretty excited!!! We will get informed about transfers later tonight so we aren't positive yet, but its basically a sure thing. It's about time! Haha, but I've learned a lot of patience with this guy and learned how to just get over something or let things go cuz you just can't do anything about it. 

Our area is still really slow right now but there is hope! A new companion will hopefully help me out and bring in some fresh ideas and more obedience. And we have a couple people starting to progress, especially Vanessa Molina. In our last visit she told us how she feels "this peace that she hasn't felt before" and that she feels the same feeling when we come to teach her. She is starting to recognize the Spirit and really has strong faith! In our next visit we are going to try to set a baptismal date for her! 

Also, good news with our most recent converts, Eliana and her family. They are doing so good and looveee the church! They have never missed a Sunday and go to every activity! Eliana was just called yesterday to be the secretary of the Relief Society. It has been such a privilege being able to teach her and her family! The restored gospel has changed their life sooo much and I'm so happy that I have been able to see it and be able to teach them. 

Not much more to update you guys on this week! Love u folks!
-Elder Hale

(I think a virus just destroyed my SD card because there's a bunch of crap on it now and I can't send pictures!)

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