Monday, February 20, 2017

Week 29: I'm Sick of Rice

Hey everyone! We had an interesting a rollercoaster. We got a little taste of everything. Last week we switched our p-day to Wednesday so we could go to the temple! So we worked on Monday instead. 

Monday and Tuesday were good! A lot of finding and talking with new people! 

Wednesday we went to the temple and it was great! I've missed going to the temple I wish we could still go every week like we did in the MTC and before the mission. We went to Subway after too and it was soooo goood. I miss American food, haha. We bought like 12 of their super good cookies too. It reminded me of how sick I am of eating rice, hahaha, just not a rice guy. 

On Thursday we had zone conference! It was great, it was like another spiritual feast. President Godfrey is a real good guy and super smart. On Thursday after the conference we went to have a lesson with this Golden Family that I talked about last week. We taught about the Plan of Salvation and it went great! They accepted a baptismal invitation for 11th of March! They are soooo awesome, I really feel like the Lord has prepared them to receive the Gospel right now. We were feeling on top of the world that day. 

Friday and Saturday are when things didn't go the way we wanted. We thought they were gonna be super good days because we had 5-6 appointments each day but they almost ALL fell through—it was super frustrating and confusing.

On Sunday it was even worse when we were expecting investigators to come to church but nobody showed up!! Not even the Golden Family! We were super confused and bummed out. It's just such a challenge here to get people to come to church! Even if we remind them the night before and send members to their houses to go with them! So now we have to postpone the baptismal date of the golden fam. 

Well even though it was a rough week, I still LOVE being a missionary and sometimes it's good to have hard times and challenges so that we can learn from them and grow. I love this church and I love our Father and His son Jesus Christ, and I know that they love us! 

Till next week
 -Elder Hale

Temple selfie with my comp!
Elder Kimball and I enjoying a footlong 
sub with a bunch of Subway cookies! 
Just another weekly sunset picture.
And another sunset pic.

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