Monday, February 27, 2017

Week 30: GREAT Week

Hey everyone!

Yesterday we finished a great week and today we are starting another good one! :) Time is going by fast and I'm loving the mission! Transfers are tomorrow so we'll see what happens! I'm new in this area so I'm almost positive that I'll stay. This week was really fun and successful.

Monday we watched "Facing the Giants" as a zone for p-day! And we went to Dunkin Donuts so that was awesome. 

Tuesday we had district meeting. In the afternoon we went and taught the "golden family". The mom (Adalayda) is still hesitant and something just isn't clicking with her, the husband (Leoncio) is warming up, and well the kids (Juan Carlos age 24, Juliana 18, and Luz 15) are doing super good and reading the Book of Mormon and they understand the lessons so well that they re-teach them to their parents when we leave!! Haha, they are great. They came to a mission activity night that we had later that night where we watched a video about eternal families, played games and ate food. It was super fun. 

Wednesday was mostly normal, we went to the offices for half the day to do paperwork for couples that have to get married before being baptized.

Thursday was a little frustrating because 5 of our 6 appointments fell through. :/

Friday was good and we met a lot of new people and taught some good lessons.

Saturday, was Brandon's baptism. He is awesome! His family was baptized a month ago but he waited till Saturday because he didn't have a testimony, but now he is reading the Book of Mormon and he really knows the church is true! It has been super cool to watch his attitude change and his testimony develop over the last month. 

Sunday was great!!!! We had 5 investigators come to church including most of the golden fam! It is SO HARD to get investigators to come to church here so that was such a good blessing for us. Also, I had a great experience later that day in a lesson. When I started the lesson, it was pretty bad, haha. I was stumbling over my words and just going in circles. I wasn't teaching by the spirit and they could probably barely understand me. As I passed the time over to my comp to speak I said a little prayer in my heart that I could teach by the spirit and that this family would be able to feel it. And when I started to teach again, there was a HUGE difference. I spoke directly and effectively and I could feel the Spirit fill the room. As I shared the First Vision the Spirit was very strong and I asked if they could feel it and they said yes! They are excited to read the BoM and pray to receive and answer.

I KNOW that God answers prayers and I KNOW that this church is true, I have felt the Spirit testify this truth to me many times, and I have seen Him testify to others many times as well. If any of you aren't sure of the truthfulness of this church or the Book of Mormon, please read and kneel down and ask God if it is true, and I KNOW that he will answer!!

Well, I love you guys and I love this Gospel. Take care!

-Elder Hale

My companion, and this AWESOME member that always comes to 
lessons with us walking around a mountain to get to the next appt.

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