Monday, November 14, 2016

Week 15

Hey everyone!!

We had a pretty slow week down here in Comas. A lot of rejection, haha. A couple days this week we didn't even have any lessons! We heard a lot of "he's not here" and a lot of ¨"I'm really busy right now." is still good!!! I'm glad to be a missionary! Yesterday was the Primary Program in sacrament meeting and it was adorable. Pure innocent little Peruvian kids talking and singing about the Gospel and it almost brought tears to my eyes! Haha, and they sung "Armies of Helaman" in English and that was so cute, haha. 

Also, something fun this week is that we were in a store and they were playing Michael Jackson, Earth Wind and Fire and some other claaasssiiccs and it reminded me of throwin' on a pair of skates and getting groovy at disco skate night, hahahaha. 

This week we watched a video called, "The Atonement and Missionary Work" and it was probably the most powerful video I've ever watched. In the video, Elder Holland and Pres Eyring talk about Priesthood responsibilities, diligence, and how Christ was the perfect example of this. It's so cool that we have living Prophets and Apostles and when you watch that video its so apparent that they are literally men called of God to lead us help us and teach us. There is a scripture that they shared in the video, D&C 107:100. It talks about the importance of magnifying callings and not being slothful—good motivator.

-Elder Hale

No pics this week :(

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