Monday, November 21, 2016

Week 16

Hey Everyone!!

We had a good week down here in Lima! It started off great last P-day after internet, we took taxis to the Central of Lima! It was awesome! There were so many huge old cool buildings and we ate at KFC. It was soooooo goooood, haha, and we saw a lot of white people! Haha, it was fun to speak English with the tourists and explain who we are and our missions and stuff. We saw a few Mormon tourists too and got a picture with them! 

The next day (Tuesday) we had another work visit because the Zone Leaders are trying to help out/keep an eye on my comp. So Elder Millar came to my area and my comp went to the other. And it was a good time and we found some new people and worked hard and it was great! Wednesday we had a service project in the morning. We hauled huge jugs of water up a mountainside to help this lady in our Stake start a garden. We hauled an old bathtub up the hill too, haha. I'll send a pic of that. Thursday we had a multi-zone conference and that was awesome. Pres. Godfey gave a great talk/lesson and our zone leaders did too. My comp was super motivated by it and he is trying to be better!! 

Saturday we had the baptism for Lia and Alexandra! It was great, a lot of members showed up, and I had to give a talk/message last minute which was stressful but it went well. Spanish is getting a ton better, haha. AND, their dad came to the baptism! He has had bad experiences with religion and actually didn't really want his daughters to be baptized but when he came I could see his heart soften and we are going to try to start to teach him, and help them become an eternal family!! Something cool too was that their grandpa, (Eliana's dad) read all of the Book of Mormon! Haha, we didn't even have a clue he had interest in the church. He is a hardcore Catholic, and when we talked to him it was still hard for him to accept us, but he knows to BoM is true.

Sometimes its hard not to get on my soap box about the Book of Mormon when we are teaching people, haha. It is literally the evidence of the truthfulness of our church laying right in your hands! If you have any doubts about the church they can basically all be resolved with the Book of Mormon. Because if the BoM is true, that means Joseph Smith was a Prophet and he had the Priesthood keys restored to him, and that means that all the succeesors of Joseph are all prophets and that means that this really is this really is The Church of Jesus Christ, and he guides it. I want to go on for a long time about this but I'm out of time and we are gonna be late to go to CHILI'S!!!!! I love Chili's, haha, and I love all of you guys.

-Elder Hale

Some really cool building in the central of Lima.

Me and the pal, Elder Horsley in front of some more old cool buildings.

And another pic of the same kinda stuff, haha.

Us with Eliana, Lia, Alexandra, Juan Carlos (the dad), and their baby at their baptism!

Us with the Ward and their family.

And this is just a pic of when I was eating a delicious sandwich
and had a tasty Coke Zero and was just havin a good time!!

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