Monday, November 7, 2016

Week 14

Hey Everyone!

Good morning everyone from Lima, Peru. Life is good and it's getting warm here! And people are finally starting to eat ice cream! People here don't eat ice cream in the winter or really drink cold pop either! It's so weird. They think that ice cream and cold pop will make you sick hahaha. But its gonna be pretty weird to have a hot/humid Christmas. Anyways it's been a good and busy week! Earlier this week and the past couple my comp was extra lazy, haha I think he is bored of this area cuz he's been here for about 5 months. BUT we had a work visit this week and one of the ZL's came to my area with my comp and I went to his with the other ZL. He helped motivate my comp and help with some obedience issues, and since then he has been so much better!! He wants to work harder, and be more obedient and is a lot more easy to get along with and that has been such a big blessing for me, and for the people in our area! And its always better doing the Lords work, in the Lord's way!! Because just like it says in D&C, ¨if it be by any other way, it is not of Me¨.

As far as investigators go..I don't remember which ones I've explained and talked about and which I haven't so Im sorry if im repetitive,

Luis and Jennifer finally came to Church this week! We've been teaching them for weeks and weeks and they always say they're gonna go but they never show up! But this week they came and it was great! We have to marry them before baptism and hopefully that doesn't become a huge dilemma. Luis has had drinking problems in the past and Jenifer has thought about getting separated so we really need to work with him on the Word of Wisdom too.

Lia and Alexandra are good but slow. They still come to church every week with their mom (Eliana, our latest baptism) but I think their friends in school are telling them stuff and having a bad influence because they are still timid and hesitant to be baptized. Its a bummer cuz they come to church more than a lot of members! haha! They even have parts in the primary program next week, They are just timid to take that big step of baptism and entering in a covenant with Heavenly Father. So were praying and working on that too.

Pedro is a guy that we have been teaching that has accepted the lessons and the Book of Mormon really well but he has had a drinking problem in the past too so were gonna try to help him overcome that.

Fun things that happened this week was that I found milk that wasn't in a can so I stalked up on that so I can have Oreos with real milk now!! Also this week at lunch, I found a chicken foot in my soup....wasn't too excited about that. I don't know if they expected me to eat it but ya no way.

Well yeah, the mission is great! Super challenging at times but super rewarding! Love you all and cya!

-Elder Hale

Another killer sunset.

This week was Gustavo Jr.'s birthday, so we bought him a 5 dollar cake!

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