Monday, March 6, 2017

Week 31: Crazy Week

Hey everyone!!

This week was crazy!

Monday—We had district Pday and we got to watch "The Cokeville Miracle" and it was awesome. I love that movie—it's a real tear jerker. And Monday night we got transfer calls! My companion Elder Manuyama got called to Comas, I'm gonna miss him! He was hilarious and a good guy.

Tuesday—my new companion, Elder Onofre, came! He's from Huancayo! He's a good guy but he's super super quiet and kinda weird. I don't know if he's always super quiet or if he just doesn't like me! Hahaha.

Wednesday—was my first district meeting as District Leader. I was really nervous at first, but I think I actually did a good job!

Thursday was good because we set a baptismal date for our investigator William Cabezas! He's a great guy—he has had some really really hard experiences in his life and doesn't have much trust in God due to them. He also has problems with alcohol, but he really wants to change!! 

Friday—we set another baptismal date with our "golden fam" that are starting to appear less golden every time we see them. :/  We put a date for the 25th of March on condition that they come to church on Sunday....but they didn't... I was honestly pretty devastated. We went to their house last night to see what happened and I literally just poured my heart out to them and shared my testimony of the Gospel and my love for them as a family. Something is not clicking with them. It's frustrating because I know that they know the church is true and have felt the Spirit but they just aren't recognizing it!!!! Now their date for the 25th will have to be postponed. 

Sunday was a pretty rough day all around. We we had 15 individuals/families that firmly committed to come to church but only 1 showed was a heart breaker. It was a cause for some self-reflection and looking at what we can do to improve. Even through all the difficulties, I am SO HAPPY to be a missionary and love doing the Lord's work. I feel so blessed to be a member of Christ's church and to be one of His representatives. 

Well, love you guys and have a good week! 

-Elder Hale

A great few of Lima from one of our investigators houses!
Us playing ¨Spot It¨ on our district p-day.
I forgot to take lots of pics this week so I just 
barely took a selfie (so mom wont get mad).

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