Monday, April 10, 2017

Week 36: Another good week of building Zion!

Hey Everyone!!

I hope y'all had a good week and are enjoying all the great conference messages we received last week! This week for us was pretty good!! Nothing too out of the ordinary! We did have the Baptism for Eliu this week though and it was great!! So...a little background about him is that he is an 18 year old that we found through one of our recent converts that's his age! His family are all members of different religions! (His mom is one of the Pastors or leaders for her Evangelic church, and his older brother is a strong member in some different type of Christian church, and his dad is Catholic, I think). Anyways, he has super confused as to what is the truth and he was instantly interested and learning more about prophets, apostles and the Book of Mormon! He has been waking up at 5 am to go to seminary EVERYDAY since we met him! And he's been going to mission prep classes!! He got baptized on Saturday and it was awesome! He is going to be a future bishop or something someday!

And this Saturday we will have Juan Carlos's baptism! He is part of the Tello family that I've talked about a few times. The whole family believes that the church is true and comes to church but the parents don't believe that they should be baptized so soon, and don't think their daughters should either, so they are deciding to wait a little longer! But Juan Carlos is ready and really wants to be baptized now! Haha, so he will get baptized Saturday! He is such a champ! I love that guy. He loveees listening to the Book of Mormon on his phone while he sits at work. He always tells us about what's going on with Lehi and Nephi in the chapters that he's in. 

Transfers are tomorrow! But we don't get the calls until tonight so we don't know what'll happen! I want to stay here in Magnolias but with a different comp. Haha. I have made peace with it and put up with him but I prefer to have a happier, humble-er, more obedient companion! We will see what happens! 

Well, you guys have a good week! Read the Book of Mormon! It will turn a frown upside down and will fill your life with light and direction! I love Jesus Christ and I love His Church!! I love being a missionary!

Love you guys

-Elder Hale

Doing service this week, painting walls and mixing cement
Your boi Elder Hale playing the piano at Eliu's baptism!!
Eliu's baptism! (he is the bigger guy on the right)

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