Monday, April 17, 2017

Week 37: We Flooded the Church!

Hey Everyone!! 

Things are going good here! We had transfers this week but my comp and I both stayed here in Magnolias! I was a little bummed at first that I have to stay with Elder Onofre, but he is actually stepped it up a notch and is working harder and acting more normal. :) It's for sure a tender mercy. We did have somethin crazy happen this week though...Elder Turley (the blonde haired Elder thats often in my pics) went home this week! He got super super sick and his body started acting crazy so they made him go home. It was a bummer cuz he was a good pal and a great missionary! 

But some good news is that we had a baptism for Juan Carlos on Saturday! He is awesome. He knew the church was true since our first lesson with him. When we asked him if he prayed to know if the Book of Mormon is true he said, "why do I have to ask if I already know its true? I've felt it since the first time Ive read it." His parents are still timid about being baptized. They believe the church is true but don't think they are "ready" for baptism. Juan Carlos is a great example for his family and I hope that they follow his example in the following weeks! 

While we were filling up the font, we went to buy refreshments for the baptism and we had to stand in line forever so it took longer than we thought and when we got to the chapel the font was overflowing!! We felt SOOOO stupid but we cleaned it up as fast as we could with brooms and mops. We got it almost all cleaned up by the time that people came. :) Hahaha. 
We found a few great new investigators this week and hopefully next Monday we'll have some new baptismal dates to report! We also had 11 investigators this week at church!!! It was a little miracle for sure! The youth in the ward are getting super excited about taking their friends to church! 

Also I bought some SWEET shoes as an early birthday present to myself this week! They only cost 75 soles (20 dollars)! I'll send you folks a nice pic of em. 

Well...I hope you all have a good week! This church is true and God loves us SOO MUCH! That's why he made the perfect Plan of Salvation for us! I know that we can return to live in his presence again as eternal families. I sure love my fam and am grateful for the opportunity to be with loved ones for eternity. Thanks for all your support and all your emails and letters. :)

-Elder Hale

Just another killer sunset by "Elder Hale Photography"
The best 75 soles I've ever spent!! I feel like a missionary version of Tim McGraw 
with these bad boys on. The guys in my district are jealous of 'em!
Elder Turley right before he left to catch his flight! :/
Looks like some guy took an English class for a couple 
months and thought he was qualified to make this poster! 
If you play eye spy you'll be able to catch some funny errors.
When we accidentally kind of flooded the church.
The Tello family and Juan Carlos ready for his baptism. :)
Anotha one.

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