Monday, April 24, 2017

Week 38: Baby It's Cold Outside

Hey Everyone! 

Life continues to treat me well here as a missionary in Peru! The weather is getting colder which is a bummer. :( The perfect climate is changing and its starting be gray and overcast everyday. I miss the sun. But there's still sunshine in my soul today!!! Haha! We had a pretty successful week and although we weren't able to set any baptismal dates, we have some great potentials for May! We found a lot of new people this week too so we'll see how that goes.

I don't have much time today—but here are some quick highlights of the week: 
  • We found a GREAT new investigator named Carlos! He's a friend of Eliu (who just got baptized 2 weeks ago), and Eliu was the reference from Billy (who got baptized in December), and Billy was a reference from Brayan (who also got baptized in December). So basically what we got going on is a big chain of friends that are sharing the gospel with each other and it is super awesome!! They all hang out together and support each other in church activities and it just puts a smile on my face! I am SO happy to be able to teach them and help grow this web of gospel ties. 
  • We did a work visit with the zone leaders, and I got to go with Elder Varney (my pal from the MTC)!!! It was awesome and a good time to work with my pal again. 
  • We held an activity night in the church on Thursday and we had about 30 people come! (Which is a huge success compared to the last one we had where only 2 people came). Haha, we are trying hard to help members get excited about missionary work. 
  • I FOUND ROOTBEER!! I haven't partaken of the heavenly beverage for about 9 months but I found it last p-day in a store with American products! It was a little tender mercy. :) 

Well, time continues to go by super fast and I love being a missionary! Lost of lessons to learn and improvements to make! And most importantly, taking care of the Lord's vineyard and doing His work! I definitely feel privileged!!! 
Also...some great points of study and learning this week have been from: 
1 Corinthians 13; Alma 42; Ether 12; and "Beware of Pride" by Pres. Benson! 
These are some of the BEST teaching of prophets that I have ever read or listened to. They have really helped me develop Christlike attributes and help me to find true happiness! I hope you folks give them a read! 

Have a killer week!
-Elder Hale

A cone ALWAYS makes for a happy missionary! :)
Just another killer shot of my area (in the foreground) and the rest of Lima in the background.
The work visit with Elder Varney and drinking rootbeer!

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