Monday, June 5, 2017

Week 44: I LOVE being a missionary!

Hey Everyone! Today we are all going to eat mex food as a zone so I don't have too much time right now....BUT I am so so happy to be a missionary and really I enjoy it so much. Doing the Lords work brings such fulfillment and satisfaction and joy!

Well here is a little update on our area:

Isaac: He's an awesome teenager that is gonna get baptized on Saturday! He loves his BoM and reads it everyday. Nothin better than seeing someone treasure the Blue Book. :)

Cosmet: He was going to be baptized last Saturday but had to leave on an urgent work trip. He gets back on Wednesday and we are hoping that all will go well for his baptism on Saturday!!!

Juan and Andrea: They are my FAV people. They are a fam that we contacted on my first day here. They invited us right into their house and they were super interested and came to church on Sunday. Last week we invited them to be baptized and to get married and they said YES to BOTH! We are getting their wedding set up for the 23rd of this month and baptized the next day! I am so happy and excited for them and hope everything goes well. Keep them in your prayers pls!

Well, other good news is that I FINALLY got my hands on some diet Coke this week! First time in 10 months, haha. It was DELICIOUS and definitely a tender mercy. :)

—Elder Hale

While eating at a members house for lunch this week, they plopped a 
whole fish on my plate, haha! This bugger had some sharp chompers too.
Me and Elder Nash feasting on some 
Pizza Raul in a work visit on Friday!

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