Monday, May 29, 2017

Week 43: New Area......AND MEXICAN FOOD!

Hey Everyone!!!

I don't have much time right now but I got transferred on Tuesday! I am now in Bayover, San Juan de Lurigancho. My new comp is Elder Medina, and he is a champ. He is super new, he's finishing up his training now. He is from Guatemala. ANDDDD...he is obedient! I have had some pretty tough luck with comps till now but from the looks of it, I lucked out this transfer. :) We are having some good success here in Bayover. We have 3 baptisms for the upcoming weeks! Cosmet, should be baptized this Saturday!! We are praying that all goes well! I love the mission and love my new area. I would talk about some miracles that we had this week but I gotta go. explain the tittle, there is MEXICAN FOOD IN MY AREA. I have missed good food. And, it is DELICIOUS. Definitely an unexpected blessing, haha. 

Well, till next week! 

-Elder Hale

My little chubby pal, Jeremy.

New compy! 

My first time eating Mex food in 10 months. I almost shed tears of joy!

Last Monday, we took two of our fav converts Brayan and Eliu out to lunch.
I'm gonna miss these guys! They are going to be future Bishops
and Stake Presidents some day.

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