Monday, October 10, 2016

Week 10

Hey Everyone! 

Quite an interesting week! I got super, super sick and still don't feel good but it's getting better! I guess I ate something really bad on Friday! They took me to the Clinic last night and they hooked me up on the IV thingy. But it helped and they gave me a bunch of pills and I'm staring to feel a little better! The bummer is that we are going to a little amusement park thing as a zone today but I can't go, haha. 

Spanish is still going! Some people are still way hard to understand though like our new investigator Ricardo. He literally talks as fast as Busta Rhymes in that one song—its crazy! Haha, and he is really weird. He has back problems and in our last lesson with him he made me massage his shoulders for a minute and it was so weird and random. I don't even know if I'm aloud to do that, hahaha. But some good news is that we have a family that is progressing really great and they have a baptismal date for the 22! Right now they are super excited about the gospel and learning more so hopefully that continues to go great!! We also had a work visit earlier this week so I went with one of the zone leaders to his area and that was great!! Got to take a little break from my comp and we found so many new people to teach! It was a really successful and happy day! So yeah, that's life out here! Going great, aside that there is an alien in my stomach but the food out here is whack so I'm not surprised! 

Love you all!

-Elder Hale

Remember the dog that wanted to kill me? Haha, well we are friends now and she 
follows us everywhere! Like all the way to the other side of our area! Haha, we like 
to call it ¨lessons with a member present¨ haha.

And this is just a nice view from one of our investigators houses!

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