Monday, October 24, 2016

Week 12

This week was good! This week we had the baptism for Eliana! Her daughters decided not to get baptized yet but they said they want to! So we are going to try to work with them and help them. Eliana is a really good convert, she loves church and has gone every week since we met her and she always asks so many questions!! Which is great because it shows that she actually cares and is careful about her decisions. After she solved her problems with the Book of Mormon through prayer, she has been really excited and willing to keep all the commandments! You could tell that when we taught her about the Word of Wisdom she really didn't wanna give up coffee and tea but she was more than willing to do so after receiving a testimony. 

As far as other investigators...we don't have too many people progressing really good. We have hope for a few people but it's really slow right now. And whenever we find new people and set up an appt to teach, they either aren't there or say they're busy. 

Something good though is we have been helping a lot of less active members and reactivating them! Hermana Luz, Juan, John, Lily and Edwardo, Jajan, and David and Elizibeth are all some people/families in our ward that haven't been to church in forever and we've helped them out a lot and got them excited about the Gospel again. And with David and Elizibeth, when we reactivated them, they had a daughter that just barely turned 8 and said that they would want her to be baptized so we had her baptism a couple weeks ago! They told me last minute that I had to speak at it too which was fun and stressful haha. Spanish is hard. But its a lot better! It doesn't really frustrate me too much anymore because for the most part I can understand everyone now. 

A cool thing this week was we had a member of the 70 come and speak to us this week! Elder Godoy. He was great and gave a good talk! ALSO this week a finally got my package!!! SO much snickers and candy and beef jerky, and the photos album thingies were like the best part haha. 

Weeks are starting to go by faster now and they will probably only get faster!! See you folks next week. 

-Elder Hale 

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