Monday, October 31, 2016

Week 13

Hey Everyone!!

I hope all is going good and you are all having a good Halloween. Life is good down here in Lima. WE HAD AN EARTHQUAKE this week it was super cool and scary! It was pretty big too! It was about 10:45 pm, I was about to fall asleep and the house just started shakin!!! Crazy stuff haha. This week we had transfers, but my comp stayed and so I have another 6 weeks with him! I was kind of disappointed at first, I was looking forward to getting a new, less weird, and more obedient trainer. But it's not all a bad thing because I get to learn how to be more patient! Which I still need lots of work on, haha. And I learned something that has helped a lot and suggest this for any missionaries or future missionaries. A few weeks ago on a work transfer I was talking to our zone leader and I was venting about all the things about my comp that frustrate me and all the things he is doing that he shouldn't and vice-versa. And all he said to me was "you just gotta love him man" and at first a was frustrated by his answer, but after a few days and weeks, after focusing on the things he is good at and the things a like about him, though they may be few, I am happier, and our relationship is stronger and we are more effective. 

And well as far as investigators are the ones that we are focusing on right now a lot. The daughters of Eliana, the Hermana that we baptized last week, are saying that they feel more prepared for baptism, and you can tell that their faith has really increased! Yesterday Eliana couldn't make it to church but her daughters came anyways without her! It was a cool sign of their faith  and obedience.

Rosa and Orlanda, are parents of a girl in our ward and she has been trying to get them to church and convert them for years. And just last week they came to church for the first time in years and they are warming up to the Gospel so we are starting to teach them and have high hopes!!

Some funny stuff that happened this week is when some guy that we were teaching asked about my family and I showed him a picture and he said CAPS (Andrew) looked like Stewart Little! Hahahahah! Also there is a special guy that is like 40 that is always out in the streets and this week I guess he found a whistle and he has been standing in the middle of the street trying to direct traffic and it is sooooo funny—he is adorable. And one of the most awkward things is when we are walking down the street and we pass the Jehovah's Witness missionaries hahaha. 

Love you guys and cya next week! 

-Elder Hale

(Sorry for not sending pics last week—here they are!)

Saw the pals from the MTC at Chili's the other week and that was just a great time!
Me when I got my package, I was pretty stoked...good day!
Just a view from some of the killer hills we have to walk, haha.
Hermana Eliana's Baptism last week!!!!

This week's photos......

Killer sunset and the view of peoples lovely roofs.
Me and Will"s cousin, Elder Edwards!! He just got into the field on Tuesday! 
We just happened to be at the offices because my comp had an interview with 
the President so I got to bump into him right as he got here!

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