Monday, October 3, 2016

Week 9

Hey Everyone!!

Life is going well out here in Peru! Spanish is still coming along too! Little by little, but I find that there's less situations everyday where I'm just lost. There are still sometimes though when we are talking to someone and then they ask me a question and I just have to guess what they said. Also drunk and crazy people like to come up and talk to me because I'm white. Haha, anyways, fun stuff has happened this week! We got to eat at Chili's last Monday which was heaven—it made me miss eating normal food!! Haha, this week we were eating at a members house and I'm pretty sure we ate pig skin!! Ands it was pretty terrible! But it's really disrespectful here to not eat all of your food so you just have to man up and do it. Another fun thing that happened this week was our little service project on Monday, we hauled bags of concrete mix up super steep stairs to get to this old home on the mountainside. I'll send some pics of that. My comp still bugs me a bit but its getting better and I'm learning to get over it! I just wish he was more, obedient, clean, and taught me how to do stuff, but I'm figuring it out, haha.

This week we had Gustavo's baptism! We had it on a Friday which is unordinary but it was good!! His kids were kinda rambunctious and didn't really understand what was going on and but they're kids. The Bishop shared some thoughts and feelings after and it was a really cool experience. Gustavo was really happy. ALSOOOO I got to watch CONFERENCE in ENGLISH!!!! My prayers were answered and I am so grateful. Us gringos just went on splits with each other's companions and watched it on a computer in the secretaries office of the stake center! And it was great! How cool is it that we live in a time to be able to listen to living Prophets and Apostles every 6 months! They are truly men called of God and it is really evident while listening to their talks. We had a few investigators come to the Sunday morning session too which was good news!!

So yeah, life gets better and its going good!

Nos Vemos—Elder Hale

Gustavos baptism!

Me mastering the digital camera selfie at our service project at the top of the mountain

View of the North Lima Valley from the service project

View of the stairs we had to climb for our service project

Killer sunset

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