Monday, January 16, 2017

Week 24: "Yellow Fields" and Rain in Lima

Hey Everyone!! 

We had a rollercoaster week! It started off pretty tough and slow and it ended up really good. This week we have been trying harder than ever to talk to everyone we see. And in the first few days of this week it was pretty rough. (Yellow fields, not white, ready to harvest.) We got rejected a ton in street contacting—I accidentally contacted 4 Pastors/preachers this week, haha. And when people did want to talk with us, there were lots that just wanted to learn about us, or ask us questions about Jospeh Smith, but not really having interest in changing their lives or keeping commitments. It was really frustrating and at times hard to keep cheerful and keep diligent, but we pulled through and tried to keep hopes up. It paid off by the end of the week just as it says in Ether 12 that you receive no witness until after the trail of your faith. During the week when nothing was coming along I kept that scripture in mind and helped Elder Galindo. He wanted to give up and take a break at a members house or something I helped remind him that tough moments like these are a test and so we kept chuggin along and the fruits started coming Saturday and Sunday! On Saturday almost everyone we contacted was happy to talk with us and we set up a TON of appointments! And on Sunday we had 6 investigators come to church! Which was awesome! Also, I was pretty nervous because I had to give a talk and I'm not a fan of speaking in front of big groups, especially in my second language! And I didn't have much time to prepare! I was hoping that it was gonna be long enough (10 mins) but it actually ended up being 15! I guess I got on my soap box about the BoM a little bit, haha.

Also...IT RAINED IN LIMA! On Friday night it rained alllllll night! Which is crazy cuz it NEVER rains here. And everyone was freaking out because everyone has part open roofs (including us) so everybody's house got flooded haha. We woke up Saturday to a lake in our hallway. It was awesome to experience rain—I hadn't seen it for 6 months!

Also, transfers are tomorrow and I'm pretty sure I'm leaving, which is exciting! I've been in this area for 4.5 months and Elder Galindo is getting lazier day by day as he get closer to going home—so a new comp will be nice! Sometimes it feels like I have to pull him around everywhere like those dogs that don't wanna move but their owner just yanks their leash. 

Well, I love you guys and THANKS STOKES FAM for the package! 
See u next week.....

-Elder Hale

Our soaking wet apartment after the rain.
Me with my sweet ring pop.
Mirror shot of compy and me eating some fries and drinkin some Inca Cola.
Our service project painting a house this week!

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