Monday, January 23, 2017

Week 25:  Tri-Companionship

Hey Everybody!! 

This week was absolutely crazy. So we had transfers on Tuesday morning! I had to say goodbye to Luis, Eliana and Sergio, and it was honestly super sad! On Monday I got the call that I'm going to Independencia in the area Magnolias1, with Elder Manuyama! We got called to open the area (Magnolias ward is split up into 2 areas so there was another companionship in Magnolias 2). And well, it started to get complicated, haha. Because Elder Voorhees (the missionary from Magnolias 2) was going to train, but we got a call that his missionary was gonna arrive late so we had to be a tri-companionship until he came! And so we had to move all our stuff that we just unpacked in our house, down to his house (because they had 3 beds). Then after a couple days, we found out that his comp was never gonna come! So we were going to stay a tri-companionship but then an Elder got sick and was going home, so his companion came to our ward to be the companion of Elder Voorhees. So we had to move all of our stuff back to our original house, AND divide all the investigators and references that we found over the week. It was crazy, but actually fun to have a tri-companionship for a few days, haha. 

Well, I hope that that all made sense. And as far as my actual companion, Elder Manuyama, he's good! He has worked in the mission offices for the last 7 months, so we have been going to the offices for a couple hours everyday to train the new senior missionary that's taking over his job. So I spent a lot of time translating for them so that he can teach him, haha. Also, because he has been working in the offices for the last 7 months he isn't used to doing missionary work, so he is a little scared and lazy to do it again but I've been motivating him and he is doing a lot better! haha. I don't know why I keep getting put with hard comps but keeps helping me learn charity and patience!! But honestly, even though sometimes its a little frustrating, the mission is AWESOME and I am happy camper! 

This Saturday we had a baptism, the Reyes family! They are great and we had a really good experience at their baptism. It is really exciting being a missionary and getting to watch people take this huge step in their lives and see the expressions of all of them when they make this covenant. 

Well, I love you all and want to testify that the mission is great and it's the best and most important choice you can make at this point in life. I love doing the Lord's work and I don't have any doubt that this church is true! 

Take care folks 

-Elder Hale

Tri-companionship with Elder Manuyama and Elder Voorhees!
Killer view over Lima
My comps lookin over the valley (this area has aweeesome views, 
because its basically all hills and stairs, there are not really streets.)
An investigators super ugly dog, poor guy!
Luis and the district right before I left!
This place is called "Los Sauces" and it just reminded me of
 "getting lost in the sauce" so I had to take a picture, haha!
Cool Lima sunset
Reyes fam's baptism!! 

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