Monday, January 30, 2017

Week 26: Visit From Elder Cook!

Hey Everyone!!

This week was probably the busiest in my mission so far! There was a huge marriage this week in the mission home with 8 couples getting married so that they could get baptized, and my comp is still kind of the guy in charge of the marriages so we spent a lot of time this week running around Lima and getting everything prepared for this huge wedding! And I had to do a lot of translating for my comp and the senior missionaries, haha. 

But best of all...Elder Quentin L. Cook came to our mission this week! Man, it was super cool to listen to a living apostle and being able to meet him. It was the turn around of my week too. Due to the fact that we are opening an area, and running around all over for office work and the marriages, it's been a little stressful and a less spiritual past week or two. I wasn't feeling the same spirituality as before and I really wanted to change that and feel as I had before, and when Elder Cook came it totally changed. When he got up to the pulpit, the Spirit flooded the room. He talked about many different subjects and did Q&A's, but above all, the best part was at the end when he testified of our Savior Jesus Christ and his reality, and the reality and importance of this work. He promised us blessings also. I don't think I have ever felt the Spirit stronger, or feel as much truth as I did in that moment. It was incredible and when it ended and we all started to leave we were all just silent and looking at each other like we had just had the biggest spiritual feast. Later that night I also had the opportunity to finish the Book of Mormon (first time in Spanish) and that was quite awesome as well. There is not even a lick of a doubt that that book isn't 100% truth. I just wish everyone could know that. And they can!! It's just that they won't read it! Its frustrating sometimes, haha.

And well since then, this week has been great and I feel great again and happy! We set 2 baptismal dates this week, one for Feb .11th and one for Feb. 25th! I love being a missionary! I love this church! And I love you guys.

Till next week, 
-Elder Hale

Enjoying my p-day with some diet Pepsi, Spitz and conference talks.
Part 2, lol.
My comp is always super outgoing and weird when we contact people, 
its awesome! This is him when he just sat down on someone's porch picked 
up the toys on the ground and started making conversation, hahaha.
Looking over Independencia 
How neat is that!?!?

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