Monday, March 13, 2017

Week 32: Sadly, Still a Super Sweaty Semana

HELLO Everyone!

Beloved friends and family, que tal? We had a very good week down here in the ward of Magnolias in Inpedendencia Peru! It was super hot though! I don't know why it isn't starting to turn into fall yet. I am sure ready for it. And it will sure make climbing up these mountains a lot easier! Haha, well this week we had some fun and good events! Like our activity night on Tuesday! We watched some videos about the BoM, gave a short message, then played some Book of Mormon based games that were super fun and then we had popcorn and juice! It was a great way to soften the hearts of a few investigators that are a little timid and resistant! We had a few leadership meetings and zone/district meetings this week that were great but took away a little time from finding and teaching people. This week we spent a lot of time with members trying to build confidence and trying to get some referrals! The members here are pretty un-supportive so we are doing our best to change that, We also spent a lot of time this week with our top investigators that are struggling a little bit. We didn't have as much time as we would've liked to find new people. 

BUT Saturday night we had a great experience! We were walking down the street and we saw a couple sitting down on some stairs, we walked past them but then I felt like I needed to turn around and talk to them so we went back and introduced ourselves and then he introduced himself and said "well this is my girlfriend, we want to get married and we want to join a church too, lets go to my house for a few minutes to talk." It was awesome!!! The lesson was GREAT, the Spirit was strong and they recognized it too. They appeared GOLDEN. But they promised to come to church they next day but didn't come!! I was heartbroken. We are going to go tonight to find out what happened with them, 

There is more stuff that I wanna say but my thoughts are super unorganized and I don't have time! Haha, but I do wanna say that I love the mission and and very grateful for all your guys's love and support! Have a good week

-Elder Hale

I stood in line for 25 mins to buy this egg, and it repaid 
me by falling out of its package and exploding on the 
ground right when we got home, what a bummer.
This was one of the best buys I made last P-day! 
Super delicious vanilla flavored milk and even 
BETTER is that is has Chewbacca on it!
ALSO  another great buy! I finally found Mountain Dew! Haven't had it in 7 months! 
They didn't have any diet Mountain Dew but hey, beggars cant be choosers!! 
I like to mix it with OJ in the mornin! Yumbelievable taste treat for sure.

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