Monday, March 20, 2017

Week 33: Peru Flooding

(Jarett didn't send a group email or pictures this week, so below are excerpts from the letter he sent me.)

I am alive and doing well!! It's true that Peru is in some crazy circumstances but we are chuggin along!:) We haven't had water since Wednesday! (But it finally came this morning so we're all good.) All of Lima has been scrambling all over the place looking for every drop of water that they can—it's pretty crazy!

My new place has a good roof so we have kept dry:) There have been landslides here in Lima, but not close to my area though. But by my old area in Comas, there was a huge one that destroyed a school! I've seen the news about huge flooding in Northern Peru though! Bridges collapsing, streets turning into rivers, and landslides! Crazy crazy!

Today I'm gonna go to lunch with the other Elders in my ward, Elder Turley, and Elder Ramirez. (Yes, Elder Ramirez, the same guy that trained me! haha! We are in the same place again and I am his district leader.) I feel bad for Elder Turley. Then we are gonna go shopping, then I'll listen to some conference talks and chill in the apartment!

-Elder Hale

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