Monday, March 27, 2017

Week 34: Howdy Ya'll!

Hey everyone!!

I hope everyone over the in the U S of A is having a fantastic Monday! BTW I'm sorry that I didn't write last week, I have to fill out some reports for my district these days so I have less time to write. :/ But these last weeks have been great! And super busy! Peru has had some crazy flooding and landslide problems lately but Lima hasn't been effected too much. Last week we didn't have water for 5 days but thats about it. No flooding or landslides here. :)

Well, this week I was able to learn a lesson about love and service. Over the past few weeks my companion and I haven't been too united, there have been arguments, disagreements and a lot of awkward silences. He has a lot of hate issues and passive aggressive tendencies. It's a little hard to get along and to get to be his friend because he just doesn't talk to you. This Saturday, after a disagreement, I was waiting on my comp to get ready so that we could leave and I thought to read a few scriptures as I waited. I randomly turned to a page and found myself in Matthew chapter 5. I read verse 44 which says "Love your enemies, bless them that curse you, be good to them that hate you, and pray for them which despitefully use you and persecute you." I've read that verse like 50 times but It was kind of a slap to the face at the moment! I realized that we weren't going to get to any conclusion if I continued to keep trying to be "right" or "win the argument". So I just let it go and started to do whatever I could the rest of the day to serve him and make him happy. And it worked!!! Not only did he start to be nice to me and stop ignoring me but I felt healed of the bitterness that I felt and felt love toward him! The healing power of the Atonement of Jesus Christ is marvelous. His Atonement has the power the literally change people!! I am so grateful for Jesus's sacrifice for us so that we have an opportunity to CHANGE. I'm also grateful that I have Elder Onofre as my companion right now because he is helping me to change and to learn life lessons. Even though he chaps my hides sometimes, I am grateful that I am here with him right now! 

I love the mission and I love serving the Lord and building Zion! See you next week folks! Have a good one! 

-Elder Hale

I made french toast for the first time in my 
life the other day! And I did pretty good too!!
We did service the other day for an old lady who cant walk. 
I have never ever seen a dirtier house in my life! 
Tons of trash everywhere! It was pretty sad.
This is me yesterday with the tie that Kyle bought us for Fast Sundays!

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