Monday, May 8, 2017

Week 40: Hi!

Hey Everyone!!

We had a good week! We had some super exciting ups, and a couple frustrating disappointing downs. We are short on time too so ill make it quick...

Jaime and Marisol are progressing great and reading in the Book of Mormon, but they didn't come to church yesterday!!! It was such a bummer because they were so set on coming but his boss called him in to work right when he was getting ready for church so they didn't come. We talked about the sabbath day, and he said he wouldn't work even if they called him in, but when his faith was put to the test, he gave in. So we will have to postpone their baptism till the 27th. :(

BUT!!! This week we were able to set a date for May 20th with our investigator Ricardina!! She used to always make excuses to not let us in, and to not come to church, but over the past few weeks she has changed sooo much! She has been reading, praying and coming to church! She said she asked God if the BoM was true and she woke up the next day feeling super happy and knowing that this is the true church! She was super excited to accept the baptismal date and things are going good with her.

Well, I love being a missionary and seeing the great change that God makes in our lives IF we let Him. He has the power to transform us and to make us become more like Him. He has the power to make us happy! He has the power to give us hope and peace in our hard times and He has the power to forgive us and remove guilt and sadness from us. He has the power to transform our weaknesses into strengths. I am grateful to be a missionary and to see His power everyday—both in my life and in the lives of them that I teach!

Have a good week everyone, this church is true!!

-Elder Hale

 A birthday pie that a sister in our ward made me!! It was blueberry.
The compy and I.
You know what it is.


  1. Hello Elder Hale, I have a friend who's now serving this same mission and I am planning to send him a care package but it's a surprise what do missionaries need in Lima? Thank you!

  2. This is Elder Hale's mom, as he doesn't see this blog. They can get most everything they want there. The things my son asks for are just special snacks/candy that he can't find as easily there. Specific candy bars, sunflower seeds, beef jerky, etc. New ties are always welcome, as they get sick of what they have quickly. There are a couple of shipping services that are LDS based, fly the packages out in their own luggage, and deliver them to the mission home. The postal service isn't very reliable. Who is your missionary friend? My son might know him/her.