Monday, May 22, 2017

Week 42: Tender Mercies

Hey Everyone! 

We had a good week! Another week down here in Lima with an abundance of chicken, rice, potatoes, running away from dogs, avoiding crazy drunk people in the streets and much much more! Very tired and very happy! :)

This week was good because we have been starting to pick up on the progress that was lost the past week or two. It was frustrating because last week we had 5 baptismal dates but right now we only have 1. There is SOOO much potential here in this area and it seems like Satan knows it and he's been working overtime against us! But light is stronger than darkness and we have been fighting through and been seeing some little miracles this week. 

One mini miracle we had was a great turn out to our activity on Tuesday! We have been trying hard to get this ward excited about missionary work and we've been doing lots of activities with verrryyy little outcome. But this week we planned a reallly extensive and fun game night and had relays and games and it all had cool ties with scriptures and gospel topics and we were really excited about it. ANDD it worked out great!! Like 60 members and investigators came and had a great time!

Another mini miracle this week was when all of our appts fell through on Wednesday and we got rejection after rejection. We really needed new people to teach and so I said a little silent prayer for God's help, and we were immediately answered!! The next two contacts we did both accepted our invitation to read the Book of Mormon and BOTH let us go to their houses to teach them right then and there! It was so cool to see such a specific and perfect answer to my prayer. 

Another mini miracle was last night with the Tello family. (Family of 6 but only Juan Carlos is baptized). We showed them a great video about agency and it really touched the dad's (Leoncio) heart and at the end he said he knew that he needed to read the Book of Mormon and that he knew he needed to be baptized. We all had a really tender, spiritual moment and Juan Carlos claimed that he will baptize every member in his family. It was an awesome lesson and I hope they get baptized this next month!

Well, thats not even all the miracles we saw this week but I'm out of time, haha. I am so grateful for the grace and mercy of God. He loves us so much and just wants us to be happy. I have been able to feel this truth personally in my life lately. Each day is a new opportunity to show Him how much we love Him by trying to do better and keep His commandments.  The way we use His gift of agency is really how we show Him how much we love Him. I have realized that the more that I understand this, the easier it is to keep His commandments. Reminds me of Elder Christofferson's talk called "Abide in my Love." I encourage y'all do give it a good listen. :) 

Have a great week!

-Elder Hale

My fav fam! The Tello family.
Me tryna bring Jdawgs here to Lima.
Since when do chickens hang out in trees? Lol, had to take a pic.

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